intraHouse team

Leslie avatar

Leslie Aamås

Leslie is a super skilled programmer on mobile platforms, mainly iOS (iPhone/iPad) and mobile web, both client and server-side,..He’s a great problem solver and when he’s not finding solutions he’s out metal detecting for treasure or doing CrossFit training.

Oleg avatar

Oleg Korbut

Oleg is a stellar computer engineer from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics and swims like a fish.

Tomas avatar

Tomas García

Tomás loves Android, learning about new technologies and taking long walks. Very often inspired on his walks, he brings that creative spark to his work.

Nelly avatar

Nelly Petkova

Nelly is a search-engine specialist with a degree in Information Technology from Norway and a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University in Sofia. She loves sports and long walks in the mountains.

Oscar avatar

Óscar Verona

Óscar is a programmer extraordinaire and app enthusiast with a Degree in Computer Science. Always learning about and researching new technologies, he loves all sports and relaxing on the beach.

Jonas avatar

Jonas Ellehauge

Jonas is mad about maps, GIS and other geospatial technology and has a background in tourism. His passion is creating awesome front-end mapping experience, preferably on web or mobile. Other things he is passionate about are ski touring, cooking and travelling.

Saul avatar

Saúl Santana

Saúl is a computer engineer from the University Of Las Palmas Of Gran Canaria. He breathes Android and makes super cool apps and appreciates the simple pleasures in life.

Divi avatar

Divi Daswani

Divi is a creative industrial engineer with a Master’s Degree in International Business and a keen traveller. She enjoys nothing more than a stroll on the beach and discovering new places and cultures.

Emilio avatar

Emilio Moreu

Emilio Moreu, is all about developing and creating new ideas, where people see problems, he sees solutions. Diploma in event management and professional audio production at Akademie Deutsche POP (Germany).

Denis avatar

Denis Korbut

Denis is a computer engineer extraordinaire from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics and is always learning something new. When he’s not programming he lets of steam at the gym.

Guillermo avatar

Guillermo Núñez

Guillermo is a Telecommunication Engineer with a Master´s Degree in Development Engineering for Mobile Devices. Always striving to be ahead of the newest technologies, he loves creating killer mobile apps, when he’s not catching the ocean surfing.

Helen avatar

Helen Lindsey

Helen loves language and communication. With a degree in French and Spanish she's at home getting her teeth into meaty translations and can turn her hand to any administrative task. Helen enjoys travel and takes the opportunity as often as possible to flex her language muscles and if at home she flexes her muscles with a personal trainer.

Aythami avatar

Aythami Cordero

Aythami is a passionate American Football player and app wizard with a Master’s Degree in mobile app development. He can tackle any app.

Kate avatar

Kate Daineko

Kate studied economics with programming at the Belarusian state economic University. She loves combining her passion for cycling and nature. 

Alvaro avatar

Álvaro Sánchez

Álvaro holds a Degree in Computer Science and has a thirst for learning about the coolest developments in technology. He’s as crazy about software development as he is about sports and nature.

Andrei avatar

Andrei Mikhalap

Andrei is a wizard computer engineer from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics and when he’s not programming he can be found perfecting his table tennis skills.



Vladimir is a switched on computer engineer from the East Ukrainian national University. He loves Node.js and can make anything.

Pablo avatar

Pablo Betancor

Canarian born Pablo  is a business studies graduate, passionate about marketing. Surf and camping are his other passions. 

Irina avatar

Irina González

Irina has a bachelor degree in journalism and a master's in international business. She loves new technology, communication, travelling and learning about new cultures.