The Santa Claus Challenge 2016

The Santa Claus Challenge on

It's almost Christmas and Santa will be getting ready for his annual, epic journey across the globe.

Some theories claim that this mammoth mission must be 510,000,000 km and due to time zone differences can take 32 hours on Christmas Eve. This means he has to travel at more than 10,000,000 km per hour if he doesn’t stop.


Science, however, claims that this is not possible because the friction would cause Santa to combust, but seeing is believing and so here at intraHouse we thought we’d get into the festive spirit by proving science wrong and showing Santa some love with The Santa Claus Challenge via our new, free app for iOS and Android.


So to get involved and honour Santa’s epic journey all you have to do is install the app and login – ideally with Facebook – and then simply take photos of Santa anywhere you spot him and upload them to the app and share with your friends on social media remembering to use hash tag #TSCC2016.


Snap him at a shopping mall, Christmas Fayre, coming into your home on Christmas Eve, or anywhere! Even take photographic evidence that he’s been to your home and left you something.


Start by creating a Point of Interest (POI) of your location, upload your photo, select the event category The Santa Claus Challenge (TSCC) and save! And Tah Dah! You’ve shown Santa some love this festive season.


So join us for some festive fun with The Santa Claus Challenge and let’s see how many Santa Sightings across the world we can document and see if we can prove the science of Santa wrong!


Track Santa’s journey live at


Ho! Ho! Ho! And season’s greetings from the intraHouse team.